The Foodbank of Kiowa Creek Community Church

Coronavirus Operational Restrictions

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread here and abroad, the Foodbank of Kiowa Creek Community Church will continue to provide food for the families of our community.  We currently remain open and may add additional days/hours of service.  Please visit our foodbank website at Below are changes we will implement in an effort to protect our staff and clients from potential exposure to COVID-19.

 *  Any staff experiencing illness, including a cough or fever, are asked to stay home and seek medical care.  Staff showing signs of illness will be sent home.

*  If you are sick or have been recently exposed to COVID-19, we ask that you alert our staff.  We can plan to meet your immediate food requirements in the safest way possible.  This may include someone else coming into the Foodbank or our staff meeting you outside and bringing the food to you outside our Fellowship Hall facility.

* Our facility uses a state of the art air purification system that is certified by the Kansas State University Food Sciences Dept to kill all known viruses and bacteria both surface and airborne. This system is used on the International Space Station for the control of potentially harmful pathogens.

*  We are sanitizing writing utensils, counters, chairs, doors and workstations multiple times a day.  Toys in the play area and literature out front have been removed as well.

*  Staff and clients are asked to keep 6 feet of distance from each other whenever possible.  Sorry no hugs and no handshakes for the time being.

*  We will wash our hands before and after assisting each client, and we ask that clients wash their hands when they enter as well in our restroom facilities.

*  We ask that you have only one person enter the foodbank.

*  Our food distribution network has been impacted by COVID-19.  It is necessary to limit our clients in the quantity of food they may receive to ensure that our resources are not exhausted faster than they can be replenished.  We appreciate your kind consideration of our fellow citizens of Colorado.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  It remains our goal to take care of you, while doing our best to keep everyone as safe as possible.

In Christ,

Bob Hummel

Director of the Foodbank of Kiowa Creek Community Church

(an Equal Opportunity Provider and 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Our newly renovated Foodbank is now open for business! 

HURRAY !!!!  HURRAY !!!!  HURRAY !!!! …… and YAY !!!

Our new Foodbank is up and running. We have completed a huge 3-month renovation of our Foodbank and it bears no resemblance to our former operation.

Our new self-service type ‘you shop for what YOU want’ grocery store facility is now located on the middle level of the Fellowship Hall (the same level that previous customers used to meet with the former manager).

We have completely new, friendly and capable management with lots of friendly volunteers helping us out. We would love to meet you and have you check out our new facility. The Fellowship Hall level that the Foodbank is on has also been completely renovated. Come check it all out even if you’re not there to go shopping.  We hope to see you soon !!!

Our new Hours of Operation are:

Monday-     9 am – 1 pm
Tuesday-     3 pm – 7 pm
2nd Friday of each month-     10 am – 1 pm 

Hey, hey, hey !!! Check out the images of our new foodbank and renovated, updated, and totally awesome facility below.

Please call us at 303.621.2376 during our normal Hours of Operation.

Inclement Weather:  If the weather is bad or even questionable please call before you come. We will close for the safety of our volunteers and customers if the roads are bad or other conditions prevent someone from being at the Foodbank during our normal operating hours.

If you are a recipient of the state commodities or senior monthly food boxes these are again available to you.

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If you need assistance on other days please check with these other facilities:

Elizabeth Food Bank at the
Elizabeth Presbyterian Church  |  303.646.4825

381 South Banner Street, Elizabeth, Colorado  80107
Open Fridays 12:30 to 3 pm and Saturdays 9 to 11:30 am

Help & Hope Center  |  303.688.1114
1638 Park Street, Castle Rock, Colorado  80104
Jenny Follmer  |

Harvest Bible Church in Elizabeth  |  303.646.3699
826 South Elbert Street, Elizabeth, Colorado  80107

The Foodbank of Kiowa Creek Community Church

Turn here from CO86 onto Pawnee Street between Hoo Motors and the Elbert County Abstract Office. Go north to the end of Pawnee Street and you will see the KCCC chapel slightly to your left.

Street view of Kiowa Creek Community Church.
The foodbank is in the large tan building to the rear.

The entrance to The Foodbank of Kiowa Creek Community Church

You will find a helpful foodbank volunteer or the director Bob Hummel here at the desk waiting to help you with your needs.

The mid-level of our Fellowship Hall where the foodbank is located.

This is the place.

As you enter the foodbank you can grab a cart or a basket to start your shopping.

More goodies on this side.

Our USDA Commodities area.

The frozen food area along with personal hygiene items, paper goods and pet supply area. We are striving to become more fully stocked with the items you need.