Ministries and Foodbank

Our church believes in caring for and sharing with one another, our community, and our world.  This belief is manifested in the ministries we pursue and in the fellowships we share.  Ministries are the works we do in love for those in our community and the world.  Ministries connect our church, in the spirit of service, with the needs of people both near and far.  God has blessed Kiowa Creek Community Church to be able to offer several ministries vital to our community (described below).  Fellowship is the bond between believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. Fellowship is an indispensable part of the intricate weave (along with faith) that makes us strong as believers in Christ. Our church encourages fellowship in its many forms within this body of Christ.

            The Foodbank of 

Kiowa Creek Community Church

Our newly renovated foodbank is now open for business! 

HURRAY !!!!  HURRAY !!!!  HURRAY !!!! …… and YAY !!!

Our new foodbank is up and running. We have completed a huge 3-month renovation of our foodbank and it bears no resemblance to our former operation.

Our new self-service type ‘you shop for what YOU want’ grocery store facility is now located on the middle floor of our Fellowship Hall. The same level that previous customers used to meet with the former manager.

We have completely new, friendly and capable management with lots of friendly volunteers helping us out. We would love to meet you and have you check out our new facility. The Fellowship Hall level that the foodbank is on has also been completely renovated. Come check it all out even if you’re not there to go shopping.

We hope to see you soon !!!

Our new operating hours are:

Monday       9am – 1pm.

Tuesday      3pm – 7pm

2nd Friday of each month – 9am – 1 pm 

Please call us at 303-621-2376 during our normal operating hours above.

Inclement Weather.  If the weather is bad or even questionable please call before you come. We will close for the safety of our volunteers and customers if the roads are bad or other conditions prevent someone from being at the Foodbank during our normal operating hours.

If you are a recipient of the state commodities or senior monthly food boxes these are again available to you.

If you need assistance on other days please check with these other facilities:

Elizabeth Food Bank at the
Elizabeth Presbyterian Church  |  303.646.4825

381 South Banner Street, Elizabeth, Colorado  80107
Open Fridays 12:30 to 3 pm and Saturdays 9 to 11:30 am

Help & Hope Center  |  303.688.1114
1638 Park Street, Castle Rock, Colorado  80104

Jenny Follmer,

Harvest Bible Church in Elizabeth  |  303.646.3699
826 South Elbert Street, Elizabeth, Colorado  80107

Kiowa Ladies Aid

The Kiowa Ladies Aid is a women’s social and benevolent society, comprising individuals from the KCCC congregation, which has been active for several years in providing for the financial and spiritual needs of the Kiowa community.  Funds from their tireless efforts have been used to support many of our church’s needs. If you’re interested in learning more about the Kiowa Ladies Aid, please contact Donna Reese or Linda Ehmann.

Zimbabwe Mission Partnership

The Zimbabwe Mission is interested in spiritually guiding and materially assisting the needy in that part of Africa. If you are interested in helping the Renewed Hope Charitable Foundation, Inc. (founded by Ralph and Roberta Pippitt), please go to their website.