A Presbyterian Session is the ruling body of the local church.  At Kiowa Creek Community Church, our Session is made up of the Elders and the Pastor.  These members make pertinent decisions for the church, having both executive powers as a group and pastoral responsibility.


At this time we are without a full-time pastor.  We are currently utilizing fill in pastorship from our local community which has several ordained and lay pastors available. We are enjoying the variety of different fill in pastors as they have varied and interesting backgrounds.


The Kiowa Creek Community Church congregation is led by its Elders, laywomen and men elected by the congregation to serve a 3-year term. Collectively called The Session, with the pastor, these dedicated and faithful members are charged with the oversight of the spiritual, programmatic and business life of the congregation.  They work together to discern God’s leading for KCCC, make sure that good practices are in place for its personnel and oversee the programmatic life of the congregation.  The Session ensures the financial well-being of KCCC and cares for its buildings and grounds.  The elders set policy and give vision to the work, mission, and ministry of Kiowa Creek Community Church.  The current Elders are Betty Hood, Bob Hummel, Kurt Malerich,  Patti Saltzman and Marni Tilkens.


The Deacons, collectively The Board of Deacons are an extension of the pastoral arms of the church.  They are charged with ministries of caring within the congregation.  Elected to 3-year terms by the congregation, the Deacons connect people of KCCC to one another, provide meals, deliver flowers, provide transportation and home help for members, visit those in difficult situations and assist with Kiowa Creek Community Church’s newest members.  The Deacons represent the heart of the congregation and live out Jesus’ commandment to love God by loving one another.  Current Deacons are Carla Martell, Linda Ehmann and Helena Miller