KCCC Church Staff

The Board of Elders is the ruling body of the church.  At Kiowa Creek Community Church, our Board of Elders is made up of the Elders and one or more non-voting Pastors.  These members make pertinent decisions for the church, having both executive powers as a group and pastoral responsibility.


We have two fabulous, biblically based, ordained pastors, that share our pastoral duties. Please come and hear Buddy Strachen or Mike McArthur on Sunday mornings at 9am.  Both of these outstanding pastors will preach the Word as it is taught to us in the Bible. This is the real deal, not the feel good pablum taught in a lot of the mainstream denominations out there. If you’re looking for a refreshing change of real gospel teaching then this is for you.

A new bible class will begin Wednesday, November 2nd,  after our annual melodrama. Topic to be determined shortly.

Pastor Bios

Pastor Buddy Strachan

Buddy grew up in Elbert County. He still resides here with his wife Kristi where they raised their 2 daughters, Tawni and Aubri.  While he did not grow up in a traditional Christian house, he always felt that God was involved in his life.

 In 2002 he gave his life to Christ where he and his families lives would be forever changed. The following years Buddy became involved in his local church.  He began serving in the church’s music ministry, the Church Board, and even became a youth pastor. As his faith grew so did his desire to serve and reach people. Buddy became a chaplain for the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys. He helped direct, preach, teach and serve at many rodeo bible camps, rodeos, livestock shows and cowboy churches. Buddy also served as the President of FCC. He enjoys sharing the Good News of our Lord and Savior wherever he may go. 

Buddy began his formal bible studies at the Koinonia Institute in 2004.  He then began studying with the Dallas Theological Seminary in 2015.  Studying the Word of God has become a life long “passion” of his.

Being able to be involved in our community, he feels very blessed to be serving at KCCC.  As pastor his verse of motivation is 2Timothy 2:15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. NKJV 

Pastor Michael McArthur 

I committed my life to Christ in 1976 as a junior in college and really began growing spiritually the next year as a senior in college. I traveled with a missionary team to Iran & Poland after graduation and then the following year again to Iran and Bulgaria. I joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ with the Athletes In Action Wrestling Team in 1978-9 and traveled the world presenting the gospel in foreign countries as well as all across the United States at colleges, universities and public schools.

I went through CCC’s Institute of Biblical Studies and was eventually ordained at the Baptist Church I was attending at the time. I got married in 1981 after having left CCC staff but was asked 4 years later to come back on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ as the Head Coach of their missionary Wrestling Team and coached and traveled the U.S. and many foreign countries using the platform of athletics to share the gospel of Jesus Christ for the next  9 years. 

I spent a number of years as a single parent raising 3 children. In 1995-6,  I was asked to join the Staff of The Fellowship of Christian Cowboys as the National Chapter Director of 70 Chapters across the U.S. After 11 years with the FCC, I was challenged to start my own ministry because of the tremendous platform God had provided me in the sports of Rodeo and Wrestling.

In 2006, Gold Buckle Ministries began and I’ve been doing wrestling camps, clinics and seminars for high schools, colleges, coaches and church groups and also getting the chance to do Cowboy Church services at numerous Rodeos across the U.S. I still get to do international ministries and clinics periodically. I’ve traveled to speak and teach in Toronto, Canada and Guam, 

For the last few years, I’ve been blessed to help fill the pulpit at Kiowa Creek Community Church as well as sharing the gospel at various Cowboy Churches and other churches throughout the Pikes Peak Region. I’ve been blessed to have taken the gospel into many foreign countries including Turkey, Russia/Siberia, Cuba, Panama., Mexico, Romania, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Australia, New Zealand and a few countries I’ve probably forgotten. After 42 years in vocational ministry I couldn’t  imagine doing anything else than what I know God has called and gifted me to do. What an amazing God we serve!

Serving with you, 

Michael McArthur 


The Kiowa Creek Community Church congregation is led by its Elders, laymen and laywomen elected by the congregation to serve a 3-year term. Collectively called Board of Elders, with the pastor, these dedicated and faithful members are charged with the oversight of the spiritual, programmatic and business life of the church and congregation.  They work together to discern God’s leading for KCCC, make sure that good practices are in place for its personnel and oversee the spiritual life of the congregation.  The Board of Elders ensures the financial well-being of KCCC and cares for its buildings and grounds.  The Board of Elders sets policy and give vision to the work, mission, and ministry of Kiowa Creek Community Church.  The current Elders are Kurt Malerich, Linda Ehmann, Betty Hood, and James Schwarzkopf.


The Deacons, collectively The Board of Deacons are an extension of the pastoral arms of the church.  They are charged with ministries of caring within the congregation.  Elected to 3-year terms by the congregation, the Deacons connect people of KCCC to one another, provide meals, deliver flowers, provide transportation and home help for members, visit those in difficult situations and assist with Kiowa Creek Community Church’s newest members.  The Deacons represent the heart of the congregation and live out Jesus’ commandment to love God by loving one another.  Current Deacons are Carla Martell, Linda Ehmann and Helena Miller